Free App Review-Endless Alphabet


Lots of parents don’t really like their kids to use a smartphone or a tablet. But for me, I don’t mind, as long as they don’t use it too often or too long. It buys me time to do things that just have to be done, like ironing the mountains of clothes that have been waiting for weeks on the ironing board … and I think good apps are actually beneficial for kids. They can learn quite a lot of skills from those apps.

We have around 10 apps for children on the IPad. They are all educational, and FREE to install. We usually install one or two new apps per week and delete apps that the kids are already bored with.

This one is truly a keeper, though! This app is called Endless Alphabet. It is made by Callaway Digital Arts.

Endless Alphabet is very easy to use. When you open it, you’d see a list of words.


You choose a word…. Then a bunch of monsters would come running and send the letters flying around!


What you have to do now is to drag all of those letters back to form the word. While being dragged, the letters would make their phonic sounds.


Once you managed to rearrange the word, you’d be able to listen to the definition of the word. In this example, “When you are itchy, you have an uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to scratch”. Cute.


My youngest is not even two yet, but he can say his ABC’s, and he can recognise most of the letters in the alphabet. Thanks to Endless Alphabet!

Endless Alphabet is free to install. However, some people said that there were ads in this app, and that an in-app purchase was needed to stop them. I have never seen an ad while using this app, so I don’t know what they were talking about…. Anyway, go ahead and try this app to see if your kids like it as much as my kids do!


4 thoughts on “Free App Review-Endless Alphabet

  1. I’ll install this right away. Sometimes I think the fun part for parents come in searching for new apps for our kids. I am careful what I install. One favourite is angular velocity which has to use a little brain work to figure out. Will be more suitable for Carla.

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