Legoland Malaysia-Part 2

As promised, here is Legoland Malaysia-Part 2….

After taking the train, we went to explore LEGO City. Carla and Renan ran straight  to The Shipyard, a playground for younger kids.


There are a lot of other things to do in LEGO City. There are Rescue Academy, LEGO City Airport and Boating School for the whole family to enjoy. There is also LEGO City Stage, where interactive shows are held. For older kids (6 years and above), there is Driving School, while for younger kids (under 6), there is Junior Driving School.

Since the queue in front of each attraction was quite long, we decided to go to the next area, Land of Adventure. We realised that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy all of the attractions in just one day, so our aim was to explore the whole park and try at least half of the activities. We can always come back;)

We went straight to Pharaoh’s Revenge in the Land of Adventure. It’s a place where kids, including younger ones, can climb, run around, and play with foam ball shooters.


When we finally managed to drag the kids out of Pharaoh’s Revenge, we went to Lost Kingdom, where we took a ride on a small car, looking for treasure and shooting bad guys. Carla enjoyed it so much she went in twice! Luckily, the queue was not that crazy, plus, next to where we had to queue, there was a small gated area for small kids to play with LEGO pieces. The idea is, you put the kids there while you are queueing, so they wouldn’t be tired or bored. Great idea! Look how serious Renan is, assembling LEGO pieces there.


After that, we got a bit hungry so we went to one of the restaurants to get a quick bite. You don’t have to worry about food or drink, there are seven different types of restaurants inside the park, plus small stalls selling bottled water, soft drinks and ice cream.

We then went to Imagination. The kids loved the playground there. It’s called DUPLO Playtown. It has a farm, a hospital, a fire station, and many more… Oh, there are lots of slides too!


By the way, if you have a baby or kids under 2, there is a baby care lounge where you can  relax, change and feed your baby, let your baby sleep in a cot, or play with your baby with the giant LEGO pieces.


Next stop was LEGO Studio 4D. The kids had a blast there! Carla was really impressed that she could feel the rain, wind and “snow” while watching the movie!

We skipped the other attractions there; Build & Test, Observation Tower and Kids Power Tower, and went to the next area, LEGO Kingdom. There, Carla rode a horse in The Royal Joust. She really enjoyed it. Look how happy she is!


After that, Carla really wanted to try The Dragon, a rollercoaster. She was a bit disappointed that kids younger than 6 couldn’t ride the rollercoaster, but we quickly found out that she could instead ride The Dragon’s Apprentice, a smaller and milder rollercoaster  for younger kids. I went with her, and it was still quite violent!

Other attractions in LEGO Kingdom are Merlin’s Challenge, a high speed carousel that Carla loved, and The Forestmen’s Hideout, a playground. There is also Castle Stage, but we were too late to watch the show there.


There was still one area we hadn’t explored… LEGO Technic. But it was getting dark, so we just had to skip it. We went out, had dinner in one of the restaurants outside of the park, and then went home.

So much fun in Legoland…. We’ll come back for sure, especially since there are still lots of things that we haven’t tried there…. Oh, in October 2013 Legoland Water Park will open its door! It will be the LARGEST Legoland Water Park IN THE WORLD and the first in Asia! And it’s right next to Legoland Malaysia. Can’t wait!


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