Free Outdoor Playground and Water Play at IMM


We like going to the playground! Lucky for us, in Singapore, there are countless free outdoor and indoor playgrounds. IMM playground is one of the best outdoor playgrounds, in our opinion.

IMM is an outlet mall located in Jurong East. We go there once a week for our grocery shopping, and we always make time to visit the playground.

The playground is located in the garden plaza on the third floor. It’s an outdoor playground, but it’s sheltered. You can see the tent-like cover here.


It’s great that the playground is sheltered, since it means the kids can play there, rain or shine.

The playground is not too big, but there are lots of things there to keep the kids active and happy!

There is also a water play area that the kids really enjoy.


On the other side of the garden plaza, there is a tall structure with 2 tall slides. The kids also like to play there. It’s not sheltered, though, and the slides are not that slippery, so you have to kind of walk all the way down!


So, what do you think? Interested in bringing your kids here this weekend?


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