Unique Seafood Market, The Grandstand, Turf City


In our last post about soap making class, we mentioned something about a “nice surprise” on level 3 the Grandstand… So, what was it?

Well, we found a seafood market! We didn’t expect to see anything there actually, since we came out from the lift and found ourselves in a warehouse-like area of the building… But we walked around a bit and suddenly saw a lot of big aquariums stacked until they almost reach the ceiling.



Each aquarium was filled with different kinds of live animals. There were a lot of different kinds of fish, clams, mussels, oysters, crabs, lobsters, frogs… There were a lot of animals that we hadn’t even seen before… like these guys here:


Those are sea clams and… oh no, I forgot what the others are called… Anyone knows? The ones on top?

We had so much fun just to walk around there and look at the animals. The kids didn’t want to leave the place. They were fascinated by all the creatures swimming or lying around in the aquariums. When we finally left the market, it felt like we had just visited the sea world or something. Best of all, it’s free ;). So, next time you go to the Grandstand, make a quick visit to level 3!


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