West Coast Park

We are a bit ashamed to say that we only discovered this park, which is only a short distance away by car from where we live, in November 2012… almost 6 years since we moved to Singapore. To think that we’ve been to East Coast Park, which is on the other side of country from where we live, at least 5 times, with the first visit just a month after we came to Singapore!

Anyway, we are happy we discovered this park…. As mentioned before, it’s very close to where we live. We live off jalan Jurong Kechil, in the west side of the country, and the park can be reached within 15 minutes by car. And what a park! Its main attraction for us is the huge playground, which is said to be one of the largest in Singapore. Actually, we can say that the whole park is a playground, since there is a lot of playground equipment spread out around the park.

image image

image  image

There are flying fox, (very) tall rope pyramid with slides for climbing and sliding, sand play area, toddler area, very large cone-shaped swings, a wave bench, some obstacles for kids to climb on and jump over… Lots of things to keep kids happy and challenged and occupied!

Carla had so much fun with the flying fox!

image image

Check out this tall rope pyramid!

image  image

This is the toddler area.

image   image

There are of course other interesting things in the park besides the playground…. There is a marsh garden, where we like to relax while Renan and Carla watch the fish and turtles, a cycling/ jogging track, barbecue pits, fitness and exercise area, bicycle obstacle course, and many others. The kids also enjoy watching ships and boats from the park.

image image

This is the marsh garden.

image  image

And while you are there, be sure to try the pedal go-karts! We had so much fun riding the pedal go-karts around the park.

image  image

They have pedal go-karts for kids, for adults, and also pedal go-karts that can fit a family of four! The family pedal go-karts remind me of Ford Model T cars… don’t you think so? Anyway, if you want to try them, go to the kiosk close to carpark 2. The rates depend on the kinds of pedal go-karts you want to rent.


Unfortunately there are not many options for eating in West Coast Park, since there is only McDonald’s in the park, nothing else. So either you eat some burgers and fries in McDonald’s, or pack some food before you go and you can have a picnic somewhere in the park. Being the only eating place in the park, McDonald’s can be very crowded too…

So, if you are looking for a nice park to spend your lazy afternoon with the kids, West Coast Park might be a good option….


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