Soap Making in Turf City


Today we went to the Grandstand, Turf City, to have lunch and make our own bars of soap!  We went to Turf City some time ago and we found a place that offered soap making classes for children and adults, but we didn’t do it at that time. This time we decided to try it.

So, after a quick lunch at the small foodcourt, we went straight to level 4 to go to this shop called AdamHue Pte Ltd. We got a brochure outside the shop, about the soap making classes. It cost SGD 30 for a session, and we would get 250g of soap base, 2 colours and 2 fragrances.  It would take  one hour and they would provide light snacks and drinks. Okay.

We sat down around a small table, and one of the ladies there immediately gave us melted clear soap base in a jar (we could choose between clear and opaque base), small bottles of colourants, bigger bottles of fragrances, and some moulds. Carla chose pink and blue, and for the fragrances she chose “cotton candy” and “island fever”… I think… or island something, can’t remember. Both fragrances smelled nice. For the moulds she chose Hello Kitty, a butterfly, a fish, a ladybug and small hearts.


The whole process was really quick. We just had to stir the melted soap base, and the lady poured a bit of fragrance and colourant in the base. We then just had to pour the mixture in the mould, and voila, that was it. The lady told us to wait for half an hour for the soaps to harden, so we went out and walk around to see other shops, and we found a nice surprise on level 3 (What was that? We’ll tell you in the next post!)

I had thought we would be required to put on goggles and lab coat or something, and that it would be rather messy and with a more hands-on approach. So we were rather *surprised* to find out that it was really quick and didn’t require us to do much. The snacks and drinks never arrived, maybe we *needed* to ask.


After half an hour we came back, and Carla was so thrilled to see her soaps….


They are cute, aren’t they?


We tried the small blue cotton candy scented, heart shaped soap… and it lathered well, smelled nice and sweet, made our hands clean (duh, it’s a soap!) and oh so soft and smooth (okay, I made that up, it’s just a regular glycerin soap).

All in all, I think it was a great experience for us, and although it’s not cheap, it’s not that bad either since we get quite a lot of soaps. They can make it better and more educational, though. Maybe instead of just asking us to wait for half an hour for the soaps to harden, they could have explained more about soap and soap making process. A short movie about the history of soap, maybe? A small presentation about how to make soap base? A game of “what scent is this?” *while we were eating our snacks and sipping our drinks*

So, if you are wondering about what activities to do with the kids this weekend, perhaps this can be a good option….

AdamHue Pte Ltd, the Grandstand, 200 Turf Club road, #04-15


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