Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is a rather old article about Singapore Botanic Gardens that we wrote in 2010 when Carla was not even one year old. Look how small she is in the picture! Oh, how time flies!


On new year’s day we went to the Botanic Gardens. It was a sunny morning, so we decided to just go there straightaway before it started to rain. You know, it’s rainy season at the moment in Singapore. It was a great decision since later on that afternoon the rain started pouring like crazy.

We’ve been to the Botanic Gardens a few times since we moved to Singapore at the end of 2006. It’s a nice place to spend a lazy, sunny afternoon. You can sit or lie down on the grass close to one of the three lakes, go for a walk and explore the gardens, or go for a jog. If you are hungry, there are some eating places, including the newly refurbished food court. There is also a library where you can read and learn a bit about botany and horticulture. Talking about learning, you can always learn a thing or two here. For example, did you know that banana and ginger belong to the same order? Okay, so maybe everyone knows that, but we didn’t, until we went for a walk in the ginger garden!

The Botanic Gardens is open from 5 am to midnight everyday. There is no admission fee, but if you want to go to the National Orchid Garden, the admission fee is $5 for adults, and $1 for students and senior citizens. Children can come in for free. Do come to the Botanic Gardens, it’s well worth visiting!


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