Hort Park

This is another article that I have written quite some time ago. Here we go….

Last Sunday we went to HortPark. We hopped on the 61 bus at 9 am and got there at around 10. HortPark is located in the Southern Ridges, a 9 kilometre trail that connects parks in Singapore’s southern ridge. It is a connecting park between Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park.

We first went to Forest Walk, one of the trails in the Southern Ridges. It is located across the road from Hort Park. The trail offers a bird’s-eye view of the forest below. We walked along the trail a bit, and got a bit scared of the height. Actually we got so scared we almost crawled back straight through Alexandra Arch and into the park.

The park was magnificent. It features gardens with different themes. There are water garden, herb and spice garden, silver garden and gold garden, among many others. There is also a garden patch, which is a patchwork of 40 different outdoor display plots.
If you are thirsty or hungry after walking around in the park, there are a small cafe and a Thai restaurant. We didn’t go to the Thai restaurant, but we did buy ice cream and soft drinks at the small cafe. There is HortMart, a place where you can buy gardening products, next to the cafe.

We had great fun there walking around and taking pictures. We will surely go there again, but next time we’ll have to come earlier! After some time it got very very hot so we decided to go home although we hadn’t finished exploring the park. We recommend everyone visit the park, but make sure to come early!

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