Bukit Batok Nature Park

bb1     Going to the park is one of the activities we enjoy, and it’s completely free! Here in Singapore there are a lot of parks to choose. They are all nice, clean, easy to access, and there are usually a playground, jogging/cycling tracks, and a fitness area.


Located really close to our condo, Bukit Batok Nature Park is not too big, green and cosy. It has a small lake, a recently refurbished playground, a fitness area with some basic gym equipments, and jogging/cycling tracks. There are a lot of benches and sheltered rest areas where we can sit down and relax.

bb3   bb2

We mainly enjoy going to the area close to the lake. That area is popular with young families since there is a nice playground there. The playground is standing on a big area with white sand. There are some climbing structures and slides. The kids love to play there and they also enjoy making sandcastles on the sand. There is a small lawn there where people like to kick a football and play badminton.



If you happen to be in the area, you might want to come and check out this park!


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